An idea repository

April 16, 2014    teaching projects organization

I have a bad habit that I am trying to break. It starts like this: I have a good idea for a project—something that I am super-excited about. I think about it for a bit, I sketch a couple of things out, and then I actually start putting it together. The next few days—or the next few weeks in some cases—are filled with hasty plans, late nights, and forgotten chores.

And then? Another idea comes along, and the first one gets put on hold.

The ~/Projects folder on my computer is littered with half-finished web applications, code for never-heard compositions, outlines for books and classes and whatever else. I probably have five or six notebooks that look similar: half-finished and half-forgotten sketches and projects. Nothing ever gets done.

So, to tackle this problem, I have created a repository of ideas and seeded it with two recent Really Exciting Ideas. My goal is to record what I need to record to get back to the idea later, when the timing or context is more appropriate. I want to stop this cycle of projects interrupting each other.

Curious what my recent Really Exciting Ideas are? I’m using Github to host the repository, so you can check it out right now.

I just created it, so there are only two ideas there now:

  • Action Research in Art Education - What would a distributed network of professional teacher-researchers look like? What sort of impact could it have?
  • Gallery Compositions - How can we interact non-verbally with artwork? What happens when you give young children nose flutes and modern art?

I have to say, I’m even more excited than usual about these two ideas. Think you can help me get them off the ground? Get in touch! Otherwise, they may just need to sit on ice for a little while.