I am a kindergarten teacher at an independent school in Brooklyn, New York. I received my New York initial teaching certificate in Fall 2016.

In addition to teaching in schools, I have also taught children, teens, and adults as a museum educator at several institutions:

  • The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine - New York, NY
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Brooklyn, NY
  • Wyckoff House Museum - Brooklyn, NY
  • Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, Durham, NC

Professional Interests

  • Place-based learning
  • Project-based learning
  • Listening and sound studies
  • Education and climate change (Learn more)

What I Believe About Teaching and Learning

I believe that learning crosses physical, cognitive, and affective domains and that people represent their thinking and express themselves in many ways.

I believe that I can support learners by…

  • Creating space for play, exploration, and learner-directed inquiry
  • Balancing both structured and open-ended activities
  • Connecting to students' background knowledge and prior experience
  • Honoring learners' independence and autonomy

This is drawn from a longer checklist that I created for summer program instructors. The checklist was inspired by and adapted from several sources, including Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences and CAST's Universal Design for Learning guidelines.