Christopher Gollmar

First Things First:

I am an educator and composer based in Brooklyn, New York. I currently work as an educator at one of the world's largest cathedrals and previously managed the school programs at New York City's oldest house. Before moving to Brooklyn, I coordinated a school and museum collaboration at the Nasher Museum of Art and taught an after-school program for second- to fourth-grade students at a progressive elementary school in Durham, North Carolina.

What did I do before becoming an educator? I was raised just outside Milwaukee, learned a thing or two at a small college in Ohio, spent some time in the southern hemisphere, and then worked for a software company in Madison, Wisconsin.

Curious? Explore this site, check out my résumé, or get in touch.

Recent Projects and Preoccupations:

I seem to have a knack for keeping myself busy. Here are a few things I’ve been working on recently:

Sound Questions

Inspired by both Listening Point (below) and a sound-walking curriculum I wrote for children, I created Sound Questions to begin to record and share some open-endedquestions that I and other educators could use to explore the soundworlds around us. This site is intended to be a constant work in progress.

Listening closely

I recently launched Listening Point, a community soundscape project. To my surprise, it caught some press early on and was featured in INDY Week. Since then, I've written about the project and continue to work on its next iteration.

Quick art

While I strongly believe that spending an extended length of time conceptualizing and creating a work of art is extremely valuable and necessary, I have found that creating art quickly is also a great way to explore certain ideas. I wrote some of my favorite compositions—Talking Points and by Bach—in less than four hours each.

More recently, I’ve played games with carbon paper to make contour drawings with friends and have started a series of impromptu installation art that I am calling Flight Log.

Playing with randomness

Much of my current musical and artistic exploration involves interacting with randomness and chance in playful ways. Two recent and ongoing projects that highlight this are my naming project and postcards. I also continue to experiment with approaches to using randomness in computer-assisted compositional practice.

Thinking about thinking

I am fascinated by the ways we learn and the ways in which we experience art. I have started recording my thoughts about thinking and learning in a more systematic way, much of which I publish here.

Soul searching

I continue to work on Ice Atlas, a project that is somewhat of a departure from my usual creative practice. Introspective in nature, Ice Atlas has been developing at a glacial pace since 2008.